Sentence Examples

  • His taste was extraordinarily developed and absolutely sure.
  • The brains are large, and the intelligence and educability extraordinarily high.
  • As to the products of other industries closely related to agriculture that of beer and brandy varied, and was at times extraordinarily large.
  • (Thousands of tons.) The amount of manufactured iron produced was also on the ncrease; the quantities in thousands of tons were After 1908 the Austrian textile industry suffered from a serious depression; owing to the extraordinarily steep advance in the prices of raw materials the position of this industry was unfavourable, in spite of increased production and rising prices at the spinning mills.
  • Towards the latter end of the 17th century, Cotton, the friend of Isaac Walton, executed a complete translation, which, though not extraordinarily faithful, possesses a good deal of rough vigour.

What's another word for extraordinarily?

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