Sentence Examples

  • The assassin he'd killed earlier had a handler, one that acted as a messenger between him and Darkyn.
  • If they came from someone other than the man who'd supported his father and grandfather, he'd disregard the warning and have the messenger killed.
  • "Go. Await my messenger.  Once Rhyn enters the underworld, you will follow him," he said, looking over his creation with satisfaction.
  • The messenger held out a small thumb drive with what Kris hoped contained a report identifying the two shapeshifter demons.  He left, and Kris plugged the thumb drive into his small PDA.  A single file was on the drive, and he opened it.
  • Not only was an Other there, but so was Damian, the messenger he'd sent, Jonny, Jenn, and Xander.

What's another word for messenger?

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