Sentence Examples

  • LTK: Getting down to science fact versus science fiction - a lot of readers are fascinated by stories, like Star Trek, that include transportation technology (the transporter) that can transport matter (a person) through time and space.
  • You may not recognize your dog's bark or the idle of your car's engine, but without being told, you probably do recognize the sound of a phaser blast, a transporter powering up, or a communicator flipping open.
  • Star Trek, however, had space shuttles and the transporter or teleportation device that made it possible in the fiction of the show to have large space-only vessels for the main part of Starfleet.
  • A transporter of this kind, when fitted with a grab, is a very efficient machine for taking coal from barges and depositing it in a coal store.
  • From the lower flange of a suspended !; runway, made of a single I section, run wheels, from the axles of which the transporter is suspended.