Sentence Examples

  • By some the Messianic kingdom was thought of as permanent, by others as intermediary, the external kingdom being transcendent.
  • The actual role of intermediary was played by the pious queen Hutaosa.
  • This intermediary they called " the perfect Shi`ite," and his prototype is to be found in the four successive Babs or " gates " through whom alone the twelfth Imam, during the period of his " minor occultation " (Ghaybat-i-sughra, A.D.
  • By the Golden Bull the palatine acquired something of the quality of a responsible minister, as " intermediary between the crown and people, guardian of the nation's rights, and keeper of the king's conscience " (Knatchbull-Hugessen, i.
  • An assembly of notables from villages grouped together in a canton chooses a cantonal representative, who is the mouthpiece of the people and the intermediary between the government and its subjects.