Sentence Examples

  • In 1877 he was elected surrogate of Ulster co., and was reelected in 1883.
  • Other county officers are a county judge and a county surrogate elected for a term of six years, a treasurer, a clerk, a district attorney, a sheriff and from one to four coroners elected for a term of three years.
  • Wine he rather chose than water as a surrogate for his actual blood, because it already in Hebrew sacrifices passed as such.
  • 50-53), and they are taken by Yahweh as a surrogate for the male first-born of Israel (iii.
  • The prerogative court, which is presided over by the chancellor as ordinary and surrogate-general, or by a vice-ordinary and vice-surrogate-general, may hear appeals from the orphans' court, and has the authority to grant probate of wills and letters of administration and guardianship, and to hear and determine disputes arising therein.

What's another word for surrogate?

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