Sentence Examples

  • Annually, and in course of time it will supersede the map of the separate states, based on older surveys.
  • In May 1645 he was selected by the West India Company to supersede William Kieft as director of New Netherland.
  • He came to supersede self-government by consuls, to deprive the cities of the privilege of making war on their own account and to extort his regalian rights of forage, food and lodging for his armies.
  • Vasco Nunez was beheaded in 1517 by Pedrarias de Avila, who was sent out to supersede him.
  • - Legendre's name is most widely known on account of his Elements de geometrie, the most successful of the numerous attempts that have been made to supersede Euclid as a text-book on geometry.

What's another word for supersede?

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