Sentence Examples

  • Much controversy ensued, and a certain number of Friends (Beaconites as they are sometimes called) departed from the parent stock.
  • Within six days after the call, nearly four thousand Massachusetts volunteers had departed for Washington.
  • Special importance was attached to the grave of the hero and to his bodily remains, with which the spirit of the departed was inseparably connected.
  • Thus, sacrifice was offered to them at night or in the evening; not on a high, but on a low altar (Eo, surrounded by a trench to receive the blood of the victim, which was supposed to make its way through the ground to the occupant of the grave; the victims were black male animals, whose heads were turned downwards, not upwards; their blood was allowed to trickle on the ground to appease the departed (aiµarcovpLa); the body was entirely consumed by fire and no mortal was allowed to eat of it; the technical expression for the sacrifice was not °ba y but Eva-y1.
  • Sacramental confession is enjoined, but has recently become obsolete; prayers for the departed and invocation of saints form part of the services.

What's another word for departed?

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