Sentence Examples

  • The Pawnees contested the plains against the Sioux with undying enmity.
  • General Las Casas, in particular, left behind him in Cuba an undying memory of good efforts.
  • During the ensuing two years (1589-1591) he carried on that remarkable series of experiments by which he established the first principles of dynamics and earned the undying hostility of bigoted Aristotelians.
  • The dispossessed men carried to America an undying hatred of England which had much to say to the American revolution, and that again reacted on Ireland.
  • Romer, on the other hand, deserves full credit for originating the transit-circle and the prime vertical instrument; and he earned undying fame by his discovery of the finite velocity of light, made at Paris in 1675 by comparing his observations of the eclipses of Jupiter's satellites at the conjunctions and oppositions of the planet.

What's another word for undying?

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