Sentence Examples

  • It is under the abiding influence of the Holy Ghost, and therefore cannot err in matters of faith.
  • The abiding result of his tutorship is a code of carefully graduated moral lessons - the Fables, the Dialogues of the Dead (a series of imaginary conversations between departed heroes), and finally Telemaque, where the adventures of the son of Ulysses in search of a father are made into a political novel with a purpose.
  • The most important fact in his history is his confession, recorded by Orosius, that he saw the inability of his countrymen to rear a civilized or abiding kingdom, and that consequently his aim should be to build on Roman foundations and blend the two nations into one.
  • The abiding interest in Korner is patriotic and political rather than literary.
  • The absence of water and of large trees is one of the most abiding impressions of the traveller.

What's another word for abiding?

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