Sentence Examples

  • The opportunity of utilizing the wool for textile industries has not yet been taken, though Sardinian women are accustomed to weave strong and durable cloth.
  • Suitable proportions of materials to form a rust joint are 90 parts by weight of iron borings well mixed with 2 parts of flowers of sulphur, and I part of powdered sal-ammoniac. Another joint, less rigid but sound and durable, is made with yarn and white and red lead.
  • This joint is durable, secure and easily made; it allows for expansion and by its use the risk of pipe sockets being cracked is avoided.
  • The genus Eucalyptus numbers more than 150 species, and provides some of the most durable timbers known.
  • In Western Australia there are extensive forests of hardwood, principally jarrah (Eucalyptus marginata), a very durable timber; 14,000 sq.

What's another word for durable?

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