Sentence Examples

  • 15 16 22 27 Durability and Weight of Furs for Rugs and Foot-sacks.
  • The trees of India producing economically useful timber are comparatively few, owing to the want of durability of the wood, in the extremely hot and moist climate.
  • Their permanence depends not upon their importance, but upon the durability of the substance on which they are inscribed.
  • Given a certain allowable heat transmission, the principal points to be considered in connexion with insulation are, first cost, durability, weight and space occupied, the two last named being specially important factors on board ship. No exact rules can be laid down, as the conditions vary so greatly; and though experiments have been made to determine the actual heat conduction of various materials per unit of surface, thickness and temperature difference, the experience of actual practice is at present the only accepted guide.

What's another word for durability?

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