Sentence Examples

  • In the manufacture of a wine-glass the ductility of glass is illustrated on a small scale by the process of pulling out the, leg.
  • Its ductility, to which it owes its value, is profoundly affected by the rate of cooling.
  • As regards both tensile strength and ductility not only the quantity but the distribution of the graphite is of great importance.
  • Objects that do not require annealing are produced by dozens per minute, and all the movements of feeding and stamping and removal are often automatic. The ductility of metals and alloys is utilized in wire and tube-drawing through dies on long benches.
  • At ordinary temperatures tin proves fairly ductile under the hammer, and its ductility seems to increase as the temperature rises up to about 100° C. At some temperature near its fusing point it becomes brittle, and still more brittle from - 14° C. downwards.

What's another word for ductility?

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