Sentence Examples

  • She'd thought him beyond the duplicity that made up the actions of the elite class.
  • On many occasions, she'd seen the duplicity and cold manipulation he'd spoken of.
  • "They've started attacking?" she asked, unable to detect any duplicity in the anger he directed at the Others.
  • His infernal cunning often defeated its own aims, checkmating him at the point of achievement by suggestions of duplicity or terror.
  • Italian indignation at the French coup de main was the deeper on account of the apparent duplicity of the go~iernment of the Republic. On the 11th of May the French foreign minister, Barthlmy Saint Hilaire, had officially assured the Italian ambassador in Paris that France had no thought of occupying Tunisia or any part of Tunisian territory, beyond some points of the Kroumir country.

What's another word for duplicity?

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