Sentence Examples

  • His zeal is represented in a twofold aspect.
  • This twofold development of the idea of God formed the point of leverage for Zoroaster's reformation.
  • We find a division of social ranks which reminds us of the threefold gradation of Lower Germany (edelings, frilings, lazzen - eorls, ceorls, laets), and not of the twofold Frankish one (ingenui Franci, Romani), nor of the minute differentiation of the Upper Germans and Lombards.
  • This negative aspect has a twofold bearing.
  • His object was twofold: first, to obtain the control of the great German rivers the Elbe and the Weser, as a means of securing his dominion of the northern seas; and secondly, to acquire the secularized German bishoprics of Bremen and Werden as appanages for his younger sons.

What's another word for twofold?

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