Sentence Examples

  • She hated that kind of insincerity, but if ever she wanted to deliver it, it was now.
  • He traces this opposition into the forms in which it appears in the social life of mankind (as, e.g., in the difficulty of reconciling the conflicting claims of individual self-development and self-culture and social service), and finds " a hidden root of insincerity and hypocrisy beneath all morality " (p. 243), inasmuch as it is not possible to pursue any one type of ideal without some departure from singleness of purpose.
  • Throughout his historical career - at the Ecole Normale and the Sorbonne and in his lectures delivered to the empress Eugenie - his sole aim was to ascertain the truth, and in the defence of truth his polemics against what he imagined to be the blindness and insincerity of his critics sometimes assumed a character of harshness and injustice.
  • As for the denunciations, apart from the charge of insincerity, it appears that the scribes in question are pilloried for the defects - or the excesses - of their qualities.
  • Unity was the crying need; and men began to fasten upon him the responsibility of the hateful schism, not on the score of insincerity - which would have been very unjust, - but by reason of his obstinate persistence in the course he had chosen.

What's another word for insincerity?

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