Sentence Examples

  • The insignificance of the Jewish community in Palestine was their salvation.
  • The withdrawal of the trade between Europe and the East, caused by the discovery of the passage round the Cape of Good Hope, and the misgovernment of the native rulers, had gradually reduced Aden to a state of comparative insignificance; but about the time of its capture by the British the Red Sea route to India was reopened, and commerce soon began to flow in its former channel.
  • The flight to Varennes was an irreparable error; for during the kings absence and until his return the insignificance of the royal power became apparent.
  • By a wholesale creation of new boroughs, generally of the last insignificance, increased the House of Commons to 232, and thus secured an Anglican majority to carry out his policy.
  • Laid waste by the Persians in the 4th century, Nakhichevan sank into comparative insignificance, but by the 10th century had recovered its prosperity.

What's another word for insignificance?

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