Sentence Examples

  • Under that facade of indifference beats a heart primed for breaking.
  • He joined Lean and Allin as they dined, listening with forced indifference as they told him that Rissa had left alone with her guard at dusk.
  • 4 Thus the highest liberty, as distinguished from mere indifference, proceeds from clear and distinct knowledge, and such knowledge can only be attained by firmness and resolution, i.e.
  • The investigations of Lord Rayleigh and Sir William Ramsay had shown that indifference to chemical reagents did not sufficiently characterize an unknown gas as nitrogen, and it became necessary to reinvestigate other cases of the occurrence of "nitrogen" in nature.
  • The indifference of the Jews to the desolate conditions of their sanctuary opens up a problem of some difficulty.

What's another word for indifference?

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