Sentence Examples

  • He therefore wrote out his message on sheets which were passed from hand to hand, and these, with the spectacle of his virtues and disinterestedness, soon produced a strong effect.
  • The Parisians received the news of the event with joy, believing that freedom was now at last to be established on a firm basis by the man whose name was the synonym for victory in the field and disinterestedness in civil affairs.
  • He was avaricious, but his church policy (see article English History) shows a disinterestedness as rare as it was honourable.
  • But with characteristic disinterestedness and modesty he declined all such honours.
  • The change in the government of the church, the rival council of Pisa, the ecclesiastical and political dissensions within and without the council, and the lack of disinterestedness on the part of its members, all combined to frustrate the hopes which its convocation had awakened.

What's another word for disinterestedness?

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