Sentence Examples

  • Dean mum­bled an insipid apology.
  • Their primitive beauty is not marred by any attempt to force them into an historical mould, or disguised beneath an accumulation of the insipid inventions of later times.
  • William Law's books produced a great impression on Wesley, and on his advice the young tutor began to read mystic authors, but he saw that their tendency was to make good works appear mean and insipid, and he soon laid them aside.
  • In honour of the Horae a yearly festival (Horaea) was celebrated, at which protection was sought against the scorching heat and drought, and offerings were made of boiled meat as less insipid and more nutritious than roast.
  • In 1685, was the son of Lucy Walters, "a brown, beautiful, bold but insipid creature," who became the mistress of Charles II.