Sentence Examples

  • Another frugal gift idea is to purchase and measure out the non-perishable ingredients for a yummy recipe, print out the recipe itself on fancy paper, and put it all together in a mixing bowl with a wooden spoon.
  • Barbara's Canine Catering, the website belonging to the Canine Café and Bakery in Charlotte, North Carolina, offers lots of fresh tempting dog treats including a five pound holiday gift basket filled with yummy treats.
  • Wiggles World: A popular area for smaller children and fans of The Wiggles, the rides here include Henry's Splash Fountain, Yummy Yummy Fruit Salad Tower Ride, Big Red Car Ride, and Dorothy's Rosy Tea Cups.
  • If you are creating a basket to donate to needy families, it's fine to add small toys and yummy treats, but you should also put in some necessities, like warm socks and packages of underwear.
  • Southern Sweet Potatoes Recipe]: More yummy sweet potato treats from southern kitchens to fill your home (and tummy) with the spicy-sweet scent of baking sweet potatoes, cinnamon and more.