Sentence Examples

  • Once you have your luscious hand crafted wine (sounds better than homemade, huh?) bottled and aged, see what other home winemakers think by entering it in the Wine Maker International Amateur Wine Making Competition.
  • Across the United States, many cafes, coffee shops and bars provide their customers with shelves full of board games to enjoy for free as they sip their favorite beverage, dine on a luscious dessert or savor a fabulous burger.
  • From sensuous satin to glamorous nylon/spandex and comfortable cotton to luscious lace, there is a wide assortment of pretty plus size demi bras for full figured women to make them feel feminine, stylish and sexy.
  • Of course, this is true in just about every aspect of life, but considering the lengthy processes women went through to achieve heads full of luscious curly hair, it's especially applicable in the beauty world.
  • As the world ushered in the new millennium, the Ballerina Pearl Company was perfecting the process that would turn black Tahitian pearls into luscious looking brown colored pearls, aptly named chocolate pearls.