Sentence Examples

  • I am very glad because I love the warm sunshine and the fragrant flowers.
  • There was a boat floating on the water, and the fragrant lilies were growing all around the boat.
  • Verrall, however, denies that there is any clear example in which the word a�f3p6vcos necessarily means "immortal," and prefers to explain it as "fragrant," a sense which is always suitable; cf.
  • 9), but this word, which is translated par fumeur in the French version, only indicates that the preparation of fragrant unguents and incense formed, even at that early date, a part of pharmacy, since the drugs mentioned, viz.
  • Reseda odorata (Mignonette): hardy, I ft., greenish, but exquisitely fragrant; there are some choice new sorts.

What's another word for fragrant?

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