Sentence Examples

  • A distinct fragrance emanated from them all.
  • Louisiana is justly celebrated for the beauty and fragrance of its flowers.
  • Odorata, sweet violet, is highly prized for its fragrance, and in cu;tivation numerous varieties have originated.
  • But, in use, while the meaning of the word "perfume" has been extended so as to include everything sweet in smell, from smoking incense to the invisible fresh fragrance of fruits and exquisite scent of flowers, that of the word "incense," in all the languages of modern Europe in which it occurs, has, by an opposite process of limitation, been gradually restricted almost exclusively to frankincense (see Frankincense).
  • Even the "ground frankincense" or "ground pine" (Ajuga chamaepitys) was known to the Romans as Tus terrae (Pliny), although they called some plant, from its smelling like frankincense, Libanotis, and a kind of Thasian wine, also from its fragrance, Libanios.

What's another word for fragrance?

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