Sentence Examples

  • She sipped her drink, surprised to find it really was her favorite, a pumpkin spice latte.
  • Hopefully, Cynthia thought as she left, not 'third bottle' pork chops—meat doused with a shake from every third container on the spice rack.
  • Yes, spice of life and all.
  • After the decline of the power of Rome, the dominant force in Asiatic commerce and navigation was Persia, and from that time onward, until the arrival of the Portuguese upon the scene early in the 16th century the spice trade, whose chief emporia were in or near the Malay Peninsula, was in Persian or Arab hands.
  • The Mahommedan traders from Persia and Arabia, following the routes which had been prepared for them by their forebears, broke down the Hindu monopoly and ousted the earlier exploiters so effectually that by the beginning of the i 6th century the spice trade was almost exclusively in their hands.

What's another word for spice?

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