Sentence Examples

  • Curry, Civil History of the Confederate States (Richmond, 1900); J.
  • Carnesecchi was in Venice when the news reached him, and betook himself to Florence, where, thinking himself safe, he was betrayed by Cosimo, the duke, who wished to curry favour with the pope.
  • He made it clear he didn't have to curry her favor, not with the Immortal Code on his side and the arrangement he proposed.
  • The kekop tree, the orange, the laurel, the juniper, the wild cactus, the curry plant, wild sage and celery flourish.
  • The overthrow of the monarchy on the 10th of August and the September massacres rendered hopeless all attempts at an entente cordiale between the two peoples; and the provocative actions of Chauvelin, undertaken in order to curry favour with the extremists now in power at Paris, undid all the good accomplished by the tact and moderation of Talleyrand.

What's another word for curry?

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