Sentence Examples

  • The smooth lines of the dress flattered her petite figure, but more important was the fact that Alex liked it.
  • I'd try to smooth over the missing picture with Miss Worthington by telling her about this here notebook, but I can't be sure she'd keep her mouth shut and not blab about it to the Quincy ladies.
  • She relaxed in the luxury of leather seat covers and a smooth ride, content simply to watch him drive.
  • My mother had just taken me out of the bath-tub and was holding me in her lap, when I was suddenly attracted by the flickering shadows of leaves that danced in the sunlight on the smooth floor.
  • She rose and smoothed her hair, which was as usual so extremely smooth that it seemed to be made of one piece with her head and covered with varnish.

What's another word for smooth?

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