Sentence Examples

  • It is true that I own a car just like my grandfather did, but my car is more reliable, allows me to travel in more comfort, tells me how to get where I am going, and is vastly safer than his.
  • The weapons lining his body and tucked into pockets of his trench coat were items of comfort rather than necessity; his hands alone had ended the lives of more humans and Immortals than there were stars in the sky he stared into.
  • "Will you…" She wasn't sure how to ask for what she wanted, the comfort only he seemed to be able to give her.
  • Tall and lean, with eyes as black as Gabriel's, the man who stood too close for her comfort wore normal enough clothing, aside from the knives strapped to his thighs.
  • She felt the plush comfort of a bed beneath her and curled onto her side, unable to stop crying.

What's another word for comfort?

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