Sentence Examples

  • The seclusion she knew well, having been brought up less than five miles from this house.
  • Since he'd dropped into seclusion there were any number of times I could have used his council.
  • When ill and in seclusion at Fontainebleau, and which he at once retracted.
  • About the same time, having shown too open sympathy with the revolutionary or reforming tendencies of 1848, he was for; olitical reasons obliged to leave Berlin and retire to the seclusion of Wiirzburg, the medical school of which profited enormously by his labours as professor of pathological anatomy, and secured a wide extension of its reputation.
  • For an instant Descartes seems to have concurred in the plan of purchasing a post at Chatellerault, but he gave up the idea, and settled in Paris (June 1625), in the quarter where he had sought seclusion before.

What's another word for seclusion?

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