Sentence Examples

  • The quietness with which he spoke made Jessi feel bad for asking.
  • A few, like Ruskin, were doubtful about "that increased quietness of style"; one or two already suspected that the "sweetness" was obtained at some sacrifice of force, and that the "purity" involved a concession to Victorian conventionality.
  • After the troubled times which had lasted from 1214 to 1224 they desired nothing more than peace, quietness and good governance.
  • He often surprised his hearers by the quietness of his beginnings, and these were very often the speeches which turned out most brilliant and most irresistible ere the close.
  • A period of quietness now set in, and the condition of the kingdom, its education, its agriculture and its trade and manufactures, began to receive earnest attention, while by frugality, both in public and in private matters, King William helped to repair the shattered finances of the country.

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