Sentence Examples

  • Emitted from all habitable worlds in the form of spores which traverse space for years or ages, the majority being ultimately destroyed by the heat of some blazing star, but some few finding a resting-place on bodies which have reached the habitable stage.
  • Southern Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego, for instance, although they correspond in latitude to Labrador, are made habitable and an excellent sheep-grazing country by the southerly equatorial current along the continental coast.
  • In 1881 President Roca offered for public purchase by auction the lands in the southwest of the province of Buenos Aires, the Pampa Central, and the Neuquen district, these lands having been rendered habitable after the campaign of 1878 against the Indians.
  • I have begun the job of converting the basement into habitable space for a growing family !
  • Perhaps the less hostile environment of a habitable moon orbiting a brown dwarf would help to extend the human life cycle.

What's another word for habitable?

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