Sentence Examples

  • He attributes all the evils that afflict society to the pressure of competition, whereby the weaker are driven to the wall.
  • And they shall afflict them 400 years ").
  • And with certain cutaneous diseases accompanied by constitutional disturbances which afflict cattle, the affection in the skin appears on the patches bearing white hairs, the other parts remaining apparently healthy.
  • Writes: "Forasmuch as (the Greeks) say that this place of purification is not indicated by their doctors by an appropriate and accurate word, we will, in accordance with the tradition and authority of the holy fathers, that henceforth it be called purgatorium, for in this temporary fire are cleansed not deadly capital sins, which must be remitted by penance, but those lesser venial sins which, if not removed in life, afflict men after death."
  • The Cyamidae afflict the giant whale by nibbling away its skin; the Chelura terebrans is destructive to submerged timber.

What's another word for afflict?

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