Sentence Examples

  • As I began to teach her, I was beset by many difficulties.
  • Three days later (March 12th, 1804) they beset the house of the aged Ibrahim Bey, and that of al-Bardisi, both of whom effected their escape with difficulty.
  • Here the " Endurance " was beset in the ice on Jan.
  • 1596 or 1606), who visited Palestine in 1 575, has left a vivid description of the difficulties that then beset even so simple a journey as that from Jaffa to Jerusalem.
  • But many difficulties with his own people shortly beset his path, due largely to the suspicions aroused by his evident preference for the ardent Roman zeal of the converts, and especially of Manning, to the dull and cautious formalism of the old Catholics.

What's another word for beset?

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