Sentence Examples

  • As I began to teach her, I was beset by many difficulties.
  • We know already a little more of the chequered history of the Amorites in the Naharin district, beset by great powers on three sides.
  • 1596 or 1606), who visited Palestine in 1 575, has left a vivid description of the difficulties that then beset even so simple a journey as that from Jaffa to Jerusalem.
  • Not only have many travellers of many nationalities directed their steps towards the Bam-i-dunya ("the Roof of the World") in search of adventure or of scientific information, but the government surveys of Russia and India have met in these high altitudes, and there effected a connexion which will help to solve many of the geodetic problems which beset the superficial survey of Asia.
  • Strong political factions were instantly formed for and against military emancipation, and the government was hotly beset by antagonistic counsel.