Sentence Examples

  • "You cannot obstruct Death," Gabriel warned.
  • Something about the trees' reaction to Ully bothered him.  They'd cleared a path for him then tried to obstruct the Immortal.  It didn't make much sense.  Toby rose and walked to the nearest tree, placing his hands against it.  There were no angel memories about how trees communicated, but he willed it to speak to him anyway.
  • Subsequently he was transferred, perhaps through Cromwell's influence, to the service of the king, and in January 15 3 2 he was sent to Rome to obstruct the judicial proceedings against Henry in the papal curia.
  • The underground is used where the congestion of traffic is so great as to demand a railway almost regardless of cost, and where the conditions of surface traffic or of adjoining property are such as to require that the railway shall not obstruct or occupy any ground above the surface.
  • It soon became evident, however, that the Porte was endeavouring to obstruct the execution of the new reforms. Several months passed without any step being taken towards this realization; difficulties were raised with regard to the composition of the international commissions charged with the reorganization of the gendarmery and judicial system; intrigues were set on foot against the Christian governorgeneral; and the presence of a special imperial commissioner, who had no place under the constitution, proved so injurious to the restoration of tranquillity that the powers demanded his immediate recall.

What's another word for obstruct?

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