Sentence Examples

  • His conduct of affairs was by earnest efforts to promote education and to develop the resources of the country.
  • In 1072 he undertook a campaign against Malcolm, king of Scots, who had married Margaret, the sister of Edgar Atheling, and was inclined to promote English rebellions.
  • Much has been said in regard to the production of wheat, and efforts have been made in various places to promote its cultivation.
  • The judges, in making their awards at the show held annually in December, at Islington, North London (since 1862), are instructed to decide according to quality of flesh, lightness of offal, age and early maturity, with no restrictions as to feeding, and thus to promote the primary aim of the club in encouraging the selection and breeding of the best and most useful animals for the production of meat, and testing their capabilities in respect of early maturity.
  • Harlan, and John C. Brown, ex-Governor of Tennessee, which was instructed to promote " an acknowledgment of one government within the state."