Sentence Examples

  • But I have met with such bad luck that I am forced to sell them.
  • "Well then, sell it," said he.
  • In fact, I think Uncle Fabrice had him convinced that he couldn't sell a cheeseburger to a starving man.
  • In 1748 the Apothecaries' Corporation obtained a charter empowering them to license apothecaries to sell medicines in London, or within 7 m., and intended to use it to restrain chemists and druggists from practising pharmacy, and to prohibit physicians and surgeons from selling the medicines they prescribed; but the apothecaries, by paying increased attention to medical and surgical practice, had not only alienated the physicians and surgeons, but materially strengthened the position of chemists and druggists as dispensers of prescriptions.
  • Of course, she doesn't want the farm either, so she'll sell that.

What's another word for sell?

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