Sentence Examples

  • Conversion is to be effected by persuasion, not by the sword.
  • The instruction and persuasion which St Bernard favoured found little imitation.
  • The world is happiest when this process is one of persuasion, goodwill, reason, logic, and negotiation.
  • Of Abjuration, by which at his persuasion the repret sentatives of the provinces of Brabant, Flanders, Holland, Zeeland, Gelderland and Utrecht, assembled at the Hague, declared that Philip had forfeited his sovereignty over them, and that they held themselves henceforth absolved from their allegiance to him.
  • For now comes the great Sicel movement under Ducetius, who, between force and persuasion, came nearer towards uniting his people into one body than had ever been done before.