Sentence Examples

  • She then pushed the three smaller denomination coins across the coffee table toward Fred.
  • Its consistories are grouped into two special synods, one at Paris and one at Montbliard (for the department of Doubs and Haute-Sane and the territory of Belfort, where the churches of this denomination are principally situated).
  • Included under the denomination of forest N rd are landssurfaces boisieswhich are bush rather than T rrito forest.
  • Religious instruction is not imparted by the state-paid teachers in any state, though in certain states persons duly authorized by the religious organizations are allowed to give religious instruction to children of their own denomination where the parents' consent has been obtained.
  • Cromwell, without naming himself an adherent of any denomination, fought vigorously for Independency as a policy.

What's another word for denomination?

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