Sentence Examples

  • They're coming to Bird Song, just because of that important merchandise you called junk!
  • Told 'em what I paid for the merchandise and they didn't bat an eyebrow.
  • It was one thing to covertly admire Alex, but quite another to stand here discussing him as though he were high dollar merchandise at a low bid auction... and why was Katie so concerned?
  • It was devised by the Hudson's Bay Company for carrying freight, as a substitute for the less serviceable canoe, and was named after their York factory, the centre to which the traders brought down the furs for shipment to England and from which they took back merchandise and supplies to the interior of Rupert's Land.
  • From this port foreign merchandise found its way duty free into the Spanish provinces of Buenos Aires, Tucuman and Paraguay, and even into the interior of Peru.

What's another word for merchandise?

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