Sentence Examples

  • Different places, different states, different ways to dispose of my little treasures; they'll never realize it's the same person!
  • He'd have no reason to remove her body and dispose of it somewhere else.
  • The duke of Dorset's reappointment to the lord-lieutenancy in 1751, with his son Lord George Sackville as secretary of state for Ireland, strengthened the primate's position and enabled him to triumph over the popular party on the constitutional question as to the right of the Irish House of Commons to dispose of surplus Irish revenue, which the government maintained was the property of the Crown.
  • Such perceptions dispose the mind to pursue what nature dictates as useful.
  • The object of settlers, however, in a great many, perhaps in the majority of instances, is to dispose of their holdings as soon as possible after the requirements of the law have been complied with, and to avoid permanent settlement.

What's another word for dispose?

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