Sentence Examples

  • Kdrnyei, Imre and others incline to the belief that it was Bela I.
  • Our right flank was posted on a rather steep incline which dominated the French position.
  • The Amazon is not a continuous incline, but probably consists of long, level stretches connected by short inclined planes of extremely little fall, sufficient, however, owing to its great depth, to give the gigantic volume of water a continuous impulse towards the ocean.
  • An incline railway, originally used to transport coal from the mines to the river and named the "Switch-Back," now carries tourists up the steep slopes of Mount Pisgah and Mount Jefferson, to Summit Hill, a rich anthracite coal region, with a famous "burning mine," which has been on fire since 1832, and then back.
  • The steepest incline outside loo fathoms is to the southeast of the Crimea and at Amastra; the incline to the greater depths is also steep off the Caucasus and between Trebizond and Batum.