Sentence Examples

  • Successive half-turns about two skew axes a, b are equivalent to a twist about a screw whose axis is the common perpendicular to a, b, the translation being double the shortest distance, and the angle of rotation being twice the acute angle between a, b, in the direction from a to b.
  • It follows that when a body has two degrees Of freedom it can twist about any one of a singly infinite system of screws whose axes lie on a certain cylindroid.
  • It is evidently a gyroscopic effect, being reversed in direction by a change from a right to a left-handed twist of rifling, and being increased by an increase of rotation of the shot.
  • If 0 is the angle of twist, the angular velocity is d0/dt.
  • The couple due to the twist of a wire of length 1 through 4 is G= 2nira 4 4/l, and we may put 0/l =d0/dx.

What's another word for twist?

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