Sentence Examples

  • A, general view of the worm; X 4.
  • So also the principles laid down by Howard with respect to the vacuum pan hold good to-day: larger pans have been made and their heating surface has been increased, but it has been found by practice now, as it was found then, that an ordinary worm or coil 4 in.
  • It then often retains its vitality for a long time, apparently crawling as if it were itself a worm, a phenomenon which is at least partially explained by the extraordinary development of nervous tissue, equally distributed all through the walls of the proboscis, and either united into numerous longitudinal nerve-stems (Drepanophorus, Amphiporus) or spread out into a uniform and comparatively thick layer (Cerebratulus, sp.).
  • B.z, Budding zone; p, anterior region of the parent worm; 1-5, buds.
  • The Lampyridae are a large family, of which the glow-worm (Lampyris) and the "soldier beetles" (Telephorus) are familiar examples.

What's another word for worm?

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