Sentence Examples

  • "Now for you," the devil said, facing Bianca.
  • His best known work was Die Betooverde Wereld (1691), or The World Bewitched (1695; one volume of an English translation from a French copy), in which he examined critically the phenomena generally ascribed to spiritual agency, and attacked the belief in sorcery and "possession" by the devil, whose very existence he questioned.
  • From the fourth vestibule he brought the female devil Ruha, daughter of Kin, and set her over the whole four.
  • At the end of the world the devil Ur will swallow up the earth and the other intermediate higher worlds, and thereupon will burst and fall into the abyss of darkness where, along with all the worlds and powers of darkness, he will ultimately cease to be, so that thenceforward the universe will consist of but one everlasting world of light.
  • The familiar, who is sometimes replaced by the devil, commonly figured in witchcraft trials; and a statute of James I.

What's another word for devil?

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