Sentence Examples

  • Adversary with its trunk safely rolled up out of danger, endeavouring either to pin him to the ground with its tusks (if a male tusker) or to trample him to death beneath its ponderous knees or feet."
  • For eighteen years he showed himself no unworthy adversary of Sulla, Lucullus and Pompey.
  • Impatient of control and hasty in action, he was no match for his crafty and plotting adversary, Louis XI.
  • In him Orange was to find an adversary who was not only a great general but a statesman of insight and ability equal to his own.
  • It was Favorinus who, on being silenced by Hadrian in an argument in which the sophist might easily have refuted his adversary, subsequently explained that it was foolish to criticize the logic of the master of thirty legions.

What's another word for adversary?

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