Sentence Examples

  • For making tin-foil the metal is rolled into thin sheets, pieces of which are beaten out with a wooden mallet.
  • Renan, Les rabbins francais, pp. 647 foil.; Perles, Salomo ben Abraham ben Adereth, pp. 15-54; Jewish Encyclopaedia, s.v.
  • It may be diminished by introducing clippings of platinum foil, pieces of porcelain, glass beads or garnets into the liquid.
  • In one variety of this fabric, a slip of gold foil is laid under each wire, and left in position after the wire is withdrawn, the cutting tool being then used with freedom in some parts of the design, so that the gold gleams through the severed thread, producing a rich and suggestive effect.
  • Dennstedt, which was first proposed in 1902, the substance is vaporized in a tube containing at one end platinum foil, platinized quartz, or platinized asbestos.

What's another word for foil?

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