Sentence Examples

  • The Golden Temple is so called on account of its copper dome, covered with gold foil, which shines brilliantly in the rays of the Indian sun, and is reflected back from the waters of the lake; but the building as a whole is too squat to have much architectural merit apart from its ornamentation.
  • Xvii., 1888, pp. 1 foil.; H.
  • 943 foil.; C. Fortescue, The Armenian Church (London, 1872); H.
  • A fine hoard of gold coins, wrapped in lead-foil and hidden in a wall, was discovered in 1908.
  • 572 foil.), Arethusa, while bathing in the Alpheus, was seen and pursued by the river god in human form; Artemis changed her into a spring, which, flowing underground, emerged at Ortygia.

What's another word for foil?

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