Sentence Examples

  • Some people argue that individuals can help circumvent this cost by investing in their local farmers markets or community supported agriculture (CSA).
  • If you find that you're having a hard time earning certain trophies, you can circumvent the requirements by editing a little file.In the directory where you installed Chuzzle on your computer, look for a folder called Profiles.
  • YouHide - this website offers an explanation of what an anonymous proxy server is, as well as specifically mentioning its ability to circumvent work and school blocks on sites such as MySpace and Facebook.
  • In response to the risks, professional divorce counselors and child advocates have spent decades establishing proven methods to both circumvent common problems and treat the issues that do arise.
  • Choosing to go into the phone's settings and only use the GPS when you need it can circumvent both of these problems, however, and keep the technology a useful tool rather than an annoyance.