Sentence Examples

  • I would ask that you bestow defenses upon them to thwart his inevitable attack.
  • But all his neighbours, apprehensive of the consequences of a civilized Muscovy, combined to thwart him.
  • Bitter disappointment, however, soon overcame them, the Samaritans were strong enough to thwart and hinder their temple-building, and it seemed as though the divine favour was withdrawn.
  • The climate is mild and the soil fertile; but political disturbances and the conservative character of the people tend to thwart the progress of agriculture and other industries.
  • Financial considerations, lack of proper transports for an expeditionary corps, fear of displeasing France, dislike of a policy of adventure, misplaced deference towards the ambassadorial conference in Constantinople, and unwillingness to thwart the current of Italian sentiment in favor of the Egyptian nationalists, were the chief motives of the Italian refusal which had the effect of somewhat estranging Great Britain anc Italy.

What's another word for thwart?

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