Sentence Examples

  • She didn't avert her gaze this time.
  • Of Scotland, whose support of the pretender Perkin Warbeck it was hoped to avert by such an alliance.
  • These officials, at the command of the senate, consulted the Sibylline books in order to discover, not exact predictions of definite future events, but the religious observances necessary to avert extraordinary calamities (pestilence, earthquake) and to expiate prodigies in cases where the national deities were unable, or unwilling, to help. Only the interpretation of the oracle which was considered suitable to the emergency was made known to the public, not the oracle itself.
  • The Christian powers of the Mediterranean did really combine to avert the ruin of Christendom.
  • Its refortification was due to a Bethelite named Hiel, who endeavoured to avert the curse of Joshua by offering his sons as sacrifices at certain stages of the work (1 Kings xvi.

What's another word for avert?

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