Sentence Examples

  • Temporary fashion colors are easier to apply at home, and most salons veer away from temporary color services, so if you go that route, expect to become the creative artist or enlist the help of a good friend to aid in the application.
  • While some critics point to the show's facile message: smart equals frumpy, while beauty equals bubblehead, the series manages to veer around the potholes in the storyline road.
  • If you want to veer away from adding depth and contour, you can keep your makeup routine simple by brushing on a simple, one base eye color in a neutral highlighting shade.
  • Modern trench coats veer slightly off center and bring new designs to the fold - some provocative, some alluring, some dainty, some transparent, some long and some short.
  • These shopping trips are often intercepted by Stacy and Clinton, when the person doing the shopping tends to veer off track.