Sentence Examples

  • The active contraction of muscular tissue has no counterpart in the plant.
  • Both in its inner nature then and outward effects the Eucharist was the Christian counterpart of these two other forms of communion of which one, the heathen, was excluded from the first, and the other, the Jewish, soon to disappear.
  • Representing the northern counterpart of the plateau of Tibet.
  • In many respects he was a counterpart of Apollo, less dignified and powerful, but more human than his greater brother.
  • Bounded on the south and west by the valley of the Rhine, to which its declivities abruptly descend, and running parallel to, and forming the counterpart of the Vosges beyond, it slopes more gently down to the valley of the Neckar in the north and to that of the Nagold (a tributary of the Neckar) on the north-east.