Sentence Examples

  • The active contraction of muscular tissue has no counterpart in the plant.
  • This difference between the eastern and western divisions of Holland has its counterpart in the landscape and the nature of the soil.
  • It was always a strong border fortress and a place of commercial importance, in many respects the southern counterpart of Damascus.
  • The most noted of those in the Sierra, visited every summer by tourists, hunters and mountaineers, are the Hetch Hetchy Valley, a wonderful counterpart of Yosemite in the Tuolumne canyon; Tehipitee Valley, in the Middle Fork canyon of King's river; and the King's river Yosemite in the South Fork canyon, the latter being larger and deeper than the Merced Yosemite.
  • Holda, who is known only from the folklore of later times, appears to have been a German counterpart of Nerthus.

What's another word for counterpart?

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